Finding a guide

It is important that you find people to talk with early on.  Your entire life has been packed with people and things to do and all of a sudden your built-in 1000 friends are gone.

“I have a lot of family outside the Hof. People who don’t may have no one to actually turn to. Obviously this website is a help and I also found non-family, non-former-Bruders to help as well.”

If you don’t have a good family member on the outside to turn to, consider asking for a mentor.  “Talking to an ex-Hofer and comparing your story is not only therapeutic but also helps organise your own thoughts. You start actually seeing how ludicrous the whole thing is and move on slowly. Also when kids start figuring out college,etc they will have someone to advise them. And no one is better at doing this drill than those who did it before.”

Reach out any time to [email protected]