Staying Healthy

When going through a difficult transition or a rough time it is easy to sacrifice your health regime first. Eat as healthy as you can, the key is everything in moderation. You are coming from a low-calorie world into a high calorie world and there is a danger of over indulging in food if you can afford it.  Of course, you can have some of your favorite loaded-with-candy/toppings ice cream, just pay attention to the serving size recommended on the packaging. When serving yourself a meal, take a smaller portion, you can always go back and get more later if you truly are still hungry. Remember: it takes at least 20 minutes for your stomach to catch up and realize it is full. Start every meal with a full glass of water before you eat a bite.

Get exercise every day, even if it’s just a walk. If you ride the subway or bus, opt to stand rather than sit. We as humans spend too much time sitting. YouTube videos are a major source for workouts of all kinds, or if you are truly passionate join a gym. Research the facilities before you sign up, make sure they have the aspects you look for in a gym. Often gyms will run specials around holidays (especially New Year’s) and those are good times to take advantage of a reduced rate. If you really aren’t that much of a health nut try to make time during the day for some walking and a thorough stretch. Stretching when you wake up is a great way to jump start your system and get the blood pumping.

Limit your screen time to 2 hours a day. You can quickly drown in everything there is to watch and do online and all of that time is wasted moments you will never get back. Some is fine for connection, catching up with the outside world and entertainment but control it or it will control you. Everything in moderation. Realize that what you watch will shape you. Just like putting bad food in your body affects it, so does bad information.

Respect yourself. Be a bit selfish. Remember you are as important as anyone else. You must learn to love yourself first. Always putting everyone else first can cripple you. Spend some time getting reacquainted with yourself. You are worth it. You are stronger than you ever imagined.

Learning how to truly listen to yourself and follow your own counsel or “inner wisdom”” will be one of the biggest life lessons for you. For many people taking 30 minutes a day to sit quietly, clear your mind and/or think will be very helpful.