Sexual Education

For some, maintaining a chaste approach to sex is right.  For the rest, you need advice.

The most important part of being safely sexual active is to learn about the different types of birth control out there. Condoms are the most popular method as they both protect against pregnancy and STDs. For ladies there is also the option of pills, implants, or vaginal rings to name a few. Never be afraid of the internet, try looking up any questions you may have. Take the answers with a grain of salt since some people may not give serious answers, but explore around a bit.

Now that you are protected physically, learn to protect yourself emotionally. Take time to consider your boundaries, like what do you need from a partner to feel safe? Sex does not have to be this big serious thing, it can simply be fun, a way for you to explore your body and your boundaries or, if it is how you feel, sex can be sacred and given to the few who deserve it. “ Intimacy means a deep knowledge which facilitates understanding and connectedness. In order to establish healthy intimacy with another person (interpersonal intimacy), it is absolutely vital to have a healthy level of self-knowledge (interpersonal intimacy).”

You are obliged to do nothing if that is what you choose. It doesn’t matter if they buy you a drink, if you have been flirting all night, if you are dating, no one can make you do anything you don’t want to. If they cannot respect that, and you, this person is a waste of your time and affection. Remember: just because they desire you, does not mean they value you. Protect yourself emotionally and physically, and stay smart. If something feels wrong, speak up.

You are not obliged to marry the first person you have sex with!!!!